About Aishet

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Who are We and What Do We Do?

For the past 20 years Aishet has been offering a five-month course for young women studying in Israel for the year who would like to learn more about kiruv rechokim and kiruv krovim and how they can make a difference.  We aim to increase the awareness of the need to reach out to others, and to give you the basic tools to do so.  As we are in contact with an ever-increasing number of organizations in the States and England, we help establish connections for those of you who would like to get involved, as advised by a Rav. In the past, we have helped participants find kiruv positions as advisors, tutors, making follow-up phone calls, recruiting, doing office work, organizing shabbatons, and more.   We also have a follow-up program for Neve where you could get matched up with one of their alumnae; plus we run programming with students of Neve throughout the year for those that are interested.

What are the Classes Like?

The program consists primarily of ten sessions(20 classes) and we have divided the curriculum into two areas:  outreach and in-reach.  We pride ourselves on having many of the top speakers in Jerusalem, of whom are rabbanim, authors, and international lecturers from Neve Yerushalayim, Ohr Someach, Aish HaTorah, Ner L’Elef, NCSY and more!  These lecturers have both vast knowledge and extensive experience in the field of kiruv and therefore have a great deal to offer the student.  Additionally, the program includes workshops to help build confidence in the students’ ability to deal with these issues.

How Do You Register?

In order to be guaranteed acceptance one must submit an application, picture, and fee of 650 nis (aprox. $180).  Limited scholarships, based on need, are available.  Spaces are limited and registration is first-come first-served.  We do not reserve a spot unless an application and payment have been submitted.  We maintain a strict no-refund policy.

How Do You Qualify for the Certificate?

Upon completion of the course, a certificate signed by HaRav Leff is received when a student has attended eight sessions and has submitted a completed application with a picture and fees paid.

When and Where Do the Classes Take Place?

The  classes  take  place  approximately every other Motzei Shabbos and begin about two hours after Shabbos.  The classes are scheduled to take place at Neve Yerushalayim Payis Building, 1 Beit Yitzchak, Har Nof. Snacks and drinks are provided each week in honor of Melava Malka.

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